A Look at the Best Cheap 4G Smartphones

Most network providers in the UK are now expanding their coverage and as a result, 4G is now becoming more and more accessible to those residing within United Kingdom. Gone are the days when 4G was only consigned to high end phones. You will agree with me that as of now, it’s very easy to find a 4G phone that retails at £100 or even less. Now more than ever, cheap smartphones have 4G and this has sparked an interest among individuals that are looking for mobile phones on budget. The only downside is that with so many such smartphones on the market, it might become difficult or rather challenging to find the best cheap 4G Smartphone. In this regard, we have taken it upon ourselves to shortlist some of the best cheap 4G smartphones.

HTC Desire 620
Retailing at only £169.99, HTC Desire 620 is one of best budget android smartphones with great camera capabilities. Though a mid range Smartphone with 4G support; HTC Desire 620 has a couple of merits as compared to other smartphones retailing within the same price range. For starters, it boasts of an excellent HTC Sense UI and an amazing blink feed. It also has a rear 8MP camera accompanied with LED flash together with a 5MP front camera which makes taking of pictures such a delight. If you are a music lover, you can’t go wrong by choosing HTC Desire 620 as it boasts of a Boomsound audio technology which makes listening to music a great favorite past time for music lovers. With a 5” 720 HD screen display and an 8GB internal memory with expandable Micro SD; you can never go wrong going with this mid range and cheap 4G Smartphone.
Microsoft Lumia 640
Retailing at only £119.99, Microsoft Lumia 640 is an amazing windows phone that gives you value for money while enjoying 4G. This magnificent 4G phone spots the following:
a) Quad core processor
b) 8MP camera
c)  5.0” 720 *1080 display
d) Microsoft office 365 personal 1 year subscription

Additionally, as is the case with other windows phones, it can also be updated to Windows 10 for enhanced features and user experience.

Sony Xperia E3
Retailing at only £80, there is no denying that Sony Xperia E3 is one of the cheapest 4G smartphones in the market. This amazing Smartphone spots the following features:
a) 1 GB RAM
b) 1.2GHz Quad core processor
c) 4.5” 480 by 854 display
d) Preloaded android KitKat
e) Weighs 143g
f)  4GB internal storage with expandable Micro SD
g) 5MP rear camera
h) Available in 3 colours (Red, Black and Yellow)

If you are looking for a cheap Smartphone with 4G and boasting of amazing features, Sony Xperia E3 is the phone to go for.
EE Rook
Considering that this Smartphone only retails at £49, there is no doubt that it retails at an insanely cheap price for a 4G Smartphone. It’s one of the best 4G phones to acquire especially if you are struggling financially and looking for a Smartphone that gives you the best experience. While this particular Smartphone does not spot the best features, there are a number of features which will excite you such as:
a) 5MP camera
b) 1GB RAM
c) Quad core processor
d) Micro SD slot
e) Android 5.1
f) 4.0” 480*800 screen display

Though a basic Smartphone, EE Rook is the perfect 4G phone for individuals who are looking for affordability and opportunity to use a 4G handset.