About us

Spurred on by the desire to offer mobile phones on budget to UK citizens with a limited budget, 2-2 Phones has continued to be a provider of choice and the lifeline to thousands of UK citizens struggling financially. At 2-2 Phones, we believe that a mobile phone has morphed into a basic need and can no longer be handled casually. We understand that it’s an important element in communication and does more than just making calls and sending text messages. In this regard, we are committed towards providing our esteem customers from all over the UK with quality and reliable information on the different cheap smartphones available in the market.

We provide information on the specifications of the different budget smartphones in the market, advice on how to go about buying a budget phone and some important tips before taking the final plunge. With our tech savvy customer personnel, you can expect to get reliable information on whichever budget Smartphone you intend to buy. Whether you are looking for ideas on the kind of phone to buy or simply want to familiarize yourself with the latest handsets, 2-2 Phones is the place to be.